-- Module to build results cross-tables for standings in Sports
-- See documentation for details
require('Module:No globals')
local p = {}
-- Main function
function p.main(frame)
	-- Declare locals
	local Args = frame.args
	local N_teams = 0
	local t = {}
	local t_footer = {}
	local t_return = {}
	local team_list = {}
	local ii, ii_fw, bg_col, team_name, team_code_ii
	-- Load some other modules
	local p_sub = require('Module:Sports table/sub')
	-- Read in number of consecutive teams (ignore entries after skipping a spot)
	while Args['team'..N_teams+1] ~= nil do
		N_teams = N_teams+1
		-- Sneakily add it twice to the team_list parameter, once for the actual
		-- ranking, the second for position lookup in sub-tables
		-- This is possible because Lua allows both numbers and strings as indices.
		team_list[N_teams] = Args['team'..N_teams] -- i^th entry is team X
		team_list[Args['team'..N_teams]] = N_teams -- team X entry is position i
	-- Get team to show
	local ii_show = team_list[Args['showteam']] -- nil if non-existant
	-- Create header
	-- Open table
	table.insert(t,'{|class="wikitable" style="text-align:center;"\n') 
	-- First column
	t_return.count = 0 			-- Dummy parameter, using subfunction call seems best at this point because both module are intertwined
	t_return.tab_text = t		-- Actual text
	t_return = p_sub.colhead(t_return,'auto','Home \\ Away')	
	-- Other columns passed to subfunction
	t_return = p.header(t_return,Args,p_sub,N_teams,team_list)
	t = t_return.tab_text
	-- Now create individual rows
	for ii=1,N_teams do
		-- Get team info
		team_code_ii = team_list[ii]
		team_name = Args['name_'..team_code_ii]		 	or team_code_ii
		-- Team names
		table.insert(t,'|- \n')																			-- New row
		table.insert(t,'! scope="row" style="text-align: right;"| '..team_name..'\n')	-- Position number
		-- Then individual results
		t = p.row(t,Args,N_teams,team_list,ii,ii_show)
	-- Close table
	table.insert(t, '|}\n')
	-- Get info for footer
	local update = Args['update']			or 'unknown'
	local start_date = Args['start_date'] 	or 'unknown'
	local source = Args['source']			or frame:expandTemplate{ title = 'citation needed', args = { reason='No source parameter defined','%B %Y') } }
	-- Create footer text
	-- Date updating
	if string.lower(update)=='complete' then
		-- Do nothing
	elseif update=='' then
		-- Empty parameter
		table.insert(t_footer,'Updated to match(es) played on unknown. ')
	elseif string.lower(update)=='future' then
		-- Future start date
		table.insert(t_footer,'First match(es) will be played on '..start_date..'. ')
		table.insert(t_footer,'Updated to match(es) played on '..update..'. ')
	table.insert(t_footer,'Source: '..source)
	-- As reflist size text
	t_footer = '<div class="reflist">'..table.concat(t_footer)..'</div>'
	-- Add footer to main text table
	return table.concat(t)
-- Other functions
function p.header(tt,Args,p_sub,N_teams,team_list)
	local ii, team_code_ii, short_name
	-- Set match column width
	local col_width = Args['match_col_width'] or '28'
	-- Get some default values in case it doesn't start at 1
	local top_pos = tonumber(Args['highest_pos']) or 1
	for ii=top_pos,N_teams do
		team_code_ii = team_list[ii]
		short_name = Args['short_'..team_code_ii] 	or team_code_ii
		tt = p_sub.colhead(tt,col_width,short_name)
	return tt
function p.row(tt,Args,N_teams,team_list,ii,ii_show)
	-- Note ii is the row number being shown
	local jj, fw, bg, result, team_code_ii, team_code_jj
	local cell_bold = false
	team_code_ii = team_list[ii]
	-- Get some default values in case it doesn't start at 1
	local top_pos = tonumber(Args['highest_pos']) or 1
	for jj=top_pos,N_teams do
		if ii == jj then
			-- Solid cell
			if ii==ii_show then cell_bold = true else cell_bold = false end
			fw = cell_bold and 'font-weight: bold;' or 'font-weight: normal;'
			bg = 'background-color:transparent;'
			table.insert(tt,'| style="''" | &mdash;\n')
			-- Content cell
			-- Set bolding and background
			if ii==ii_show or jj == ii_show then cell_bold = true else cell_bold = false end
			fw = cell_bold and 'font-weight: bold;' or 'font-weight: normal;'
			bg = 'background-color:transparent;'
			-- Now for the actual result
			team_code_jj = team_list[jj]
			result = Args['match_'..team_code_ii..'_'..team_code_jj] or ''
			table.insert(tt,'| style="white-space:nowrap;''" |'..result..'\n')
	return tt
return p

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