-- Style for football tables
local pp = {}
function pp.header(t,Args,p_sub,pos_label,group_col,VTE_text,full_table,results_header_txt)
	-- Load relevant modules
	local yesno = require('Module:Yesno')
	-- Create table header
	-- Pre stuff
	local team_width = Args['teamwidth'] or '190'
	local sort_text = ''
	local sort_table_val = Args['sortable_table'] 	or 'no'
	if yesno(sort_table_val) then sort_text = 'sortable' end
	table.insert(t,'{|class="wikitable '..sort_text..'" style="text-align:center;"\n')            			-- Open table
	-- Custom header options
	local draw_head_text = Args['draw_header'] or '<abbr title="Drawn">D</abbr>'
	local loss_first = Args['loss_before_draw'] or false
	-- Use points instead of goals for/against
	local for_against_style = Args['for_against_style'] 	or 'goals'
	local fa_letter, fa_word_sing, fa_word_plur
	-- First convert to lower case if it is a string
	for_against_style = string.lower(for_against_style)
	if for_against_style=='g' or for_against_style=='goal' or for_against_style=='goals' then
		fa_letter = 'G'
		fa_word_sing = 'Goal'
		fa_word_plur = 'Goals'
	elseif for_against_style=='p' or for_against_style=='point' or for_against_style=='points' then
		fa_letter = 'P'
		fa_word_sing = 'Point'
		fa_word_plur = 'Points'
		fa_letter = 'G'
		fa_word_sing = 'Goal'
		fa_word_plur = 'Goals'
	-- Whether to use goal ratio (goal average) instead
	local use_ratio_val = Args['use_goal_ratio'] 	or 'no'
	local do_ratio = false
	-- True if exist, false otherwise
	if yesno(use_ratio_val) then do_ratio = true end
	-- Whether to use goal percentage instead
	local use_percentage_val = Args['use_goal_percentage'] 	or 'no'
	local do_percentage = false
	-- True if exist, false otherwise
	if yesno(use_percentage_val) then do_percentage = true end
	-- Initialize
	local tt = {}
	tt.count = 0 		-- Up by one after every call
	tt.tab_text = t		-- Actual text
	-- Actual headers
	tt = p_sub.colhead(tt,28,pos_label)										-- Position col
	-- Add group header
	if full_table and group_col then
		tt = p_sub.colhead(tt,28,'<abbr title="Group">Grp</abbr>')			-- Group col
	tt = p_sub.colhead(tt,team_width,'Team'..VTE_text)						-- Team col
	tt = p_sub.colhead(tt,28,'<abbr title="Played">Pld</abbr>')				-- Matches played col
	if full_table then
		tt = p_sub.colhead(tt,28,'<abbr title="Won">W</abbr>')				-- Win col
		if loss_first then
			tt = p_sub.colhead(tt,28,'<abbr title="Lost">L</abbr>')				-- Loss col
			tt = p_sub.colhead(tt,28,draw_head_text)							-- Draw col
			tt = p_sub.colhead(tt,28,draw_head_text)							-- Draw col
			tt = p_sub.colhead(tt,28,'<abbr title="Lost">L</abbr>')				-- Loss col
		tt = p_sub.colhead(tt,28,'<abbr title="'..fa_word_plur..' for">'..fa_letter..'F</abbr>')		-- For col
		tt = p_sub.colhead(tt,28,'<abbr title="'..fa_word_plur..' against">'..fa_letter..'A</abbr>')	-- Against col
		if do_ratio then
			tt = p_sub.colhead(tt,28,'<abbr title="'..fa_word_sing..' ratio">'..fa_letter..'R</abbr>')	-- Ratio col
		elseif do_percentage then
			tt = p_sub.colhead(tt,28,'<abbr title="'..fa_word_sing..' percentage">%</abbr>')	-- Percentage col
			tt = p_sub.colhead(tt,28,'<abbr title="'..fa_word_sing..' difference">'..fa_letter..'D</abbr>')	-- Difference col
	tt = p_sub.colhead(tt,28,'<abbr title="Points">Pts</abbr>')				-- Points col
	if full_table then
		tt.count = tt.count+1
	return tt
function pp.row(frame,t,Args,p_sub,notes_exist,hth_id_list,full_table,rand_val,team_list,team_code_ii,ii_start,ii_end,ii_fw,bg_col,N_teams,ii,ii_show)
	-- Build the inner parts of individual rows
	-- Sub-module usage
	local mm = require('Module:Math')
	local yesno = require('Module:Yesno')
	-- Get custom/default options for in table
	local win_points = tonumber(Args['winpoints'])				or 3
	local draw_points = tonumber(Args['drawpoints'])			or 1
	local loss_points = tonumber(Args['losspoints'])			or 0
	-- Order of draws and losses --
	local loss_first = Args['loss_before_draw']                 or false	
	-- Get some input
	local wins = tonumber(Args['win_'..team_code_ii])			or 0
	local draws = tonumber(Args['draw_'..team_code_ii]) 		or 0
	local losses = tonumber(Args['loss_'..team_code_ii])		or 0
	local gfor = tonumber(Args['gf_'..team_code_ii]) or	tonumber(Args['pf_'..team_code_ii]) or 0
	local gaig = tonumber(Args['ga_'..team_code_ii]) or	tonumber(Args['pa_'..team_code_ii]) or 0
	local s_pts = tonumber(Args['adjust_points_'..team_code_ii]) or tonumber(Args['startpoints_'..team_code_ii]) or 0
	local hth_local = Args['hth_'..team_code_ii]				or nil
	-- Then calculate some values
	local matches = wins + draws + losses
	local points = win_points*wins + draw_points*draws + loss_points*losses + s_pts
	-- Comparison of for against
	local gcomp
	-- Whether to use goal ratio (goal average) or goal percentage instead
	local use_ratio_val = Args['use_goal_ratio'] 	or 'no'
	local use_percentage_val = Args['use_goal_percentage'] 	or 'no'
	local skip_sign
	if yesno(use_ratio_val) then
		-- Now it is the goal ratio/goal average
		if gaig == 0 then
			gcomp = '&mdash;'
			gcomp = mm._precision_format(gfor / gaig, 3)
	elseif yesno(use_percentage_val) then
		-- Now it is the percentage
		if gaig == 0 then
			gcomp = '&mdash;'
			gcomp = mm._precision_format(100 * gfor / gaig , 1)
		-- It's goal difference
		gcomp = gfor - gaig
		-- Formatting with signs
		if gcomp>0 then
		elseif gcomp < 0 then
	-- Some local vars	
	local hth_string
	local tt_return = p_sub.hth(frame,Args,full_table,hth_id_list,hth_local,notes_exist,team_list,team_code_ii,ii_start,ii_end,rand_val)
	hth_string = tt_return.str
	hth_id_list = tt_return.list
	notes_exist = tt_return.notes_exist
	-- Row building
	table.insert(t,'| style="'..ii_fw..bg_col..'" |'..matches..'\n') 		-- Played
	if full_table then
		table.insert(t,'| style="'..ii_fw..bg_col..'" |'..wins..'\n') 		-- Won
		if loss_first then
			table.insert(t,'| style="'..ii_fw..bg_col..'" |'..losses..'\n') 	-- Lost
			table.insert(t,'| style="'..ii_fw..bg_col..'" |'..draws..'\n') 		-- Drawn
			table.insert(t,'| style="'..ii_fw..bg_col..'" |'..draws..'\n') 		-- Drawn
			table.insert(t,'| style="'..ii_fw..bg_col..'" |'..losses..'\n') 	-- Lost
		table.insert(t,'| style="'..ii_fw..bg_col..'" |'..gfor..'\n') 		-- GF
		table.insert(t,'| style="'..ii_fw..bg_col..'" |'..gaig..'\n')		-- GA
		table.insert(t,'| style="'..ii_fw..bg_col..'" |'..gcomp..'\n')      -- Goal comparison
	-- Add &minus; for negative point totals
	table.insert(t,'| style="font-weight: bold;'..bg_col..'" | ')
	if points<0 then
	return {t=t, notes_exist=notes_exist, hth_id_list=hth_id_list}
function pp.status(Args)
	-- Declare status options
	-- ------------------------------------------------------------
	-- NOTE: If you add to status_code, also add to status_called and status_letters!!
	-- Or functionality will be compromised
	-- ------------------------------------------------------------
	local status_code, status_called = {}
	status_code = {	A='Advances to a further round', C='Champion', D='Disqualified', 
		E='Eliminated', G='Guest', H='Host', O='Play-off winner', P='Promoted', Q='Qualified to the phase indicated',
		R='Relegated', T='Qualified, but not yet to the particular phase indicated',
		X='?', Y='?', Z='?'}
	status_called = {	A=false, C=false, D=false, E=false, G=false, H=false, O=false, P=false,
		Q=false, R=false, T=false, X=false, Y=false, Z=false}
	local status_letters = 'ACDEGHOPQRTXYZ'
	-- Status position (before or after read and default)
	local stat_pos_val = Args['status_pos'] or ''
	local status_position = 'after' 	-- Default location
	stat_pos_val = string.lower(stat_pos_val)
	if stat_pos_val=='before' then
		status_position = 'before'
	elseif stat_pos_val=='after' then
		status_position = 'after'
	-- Read in custom status options
	if Args['status_text_X'] then status_code.X = Args['status_text_X'] end
	if Args['status_text_Y'] then status_code.Y = Args['status_text_Y'] end
	if Args['status_text_Z'] then status_code.Z = Args['status_text_Z'] end
	return {code=status_code, called=status_called, letters=status_letters, position=status_position}
return pp

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